Sunday, March 9, 2014

#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: The Witches' Mischief 3

Happy, Happy Sunday!!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Book 3 of The Witches' Mischief series, titled The Three Thieves & The Dom has been accepted for publication by Evernight Publishing with a possible release date of April! Please join me in squealing and dancing!

Last week, I introduced you to Conall Dougal and this week I'm continuing the snippet more or less where we left off (just a few lines ahead). Conall is still quite unhappy... 

*creative editing to keep to the guidelines has most definitely taken place*
#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

He was still hooked on them like a madman on opium. There were other women that could satisfy him, dozens of them. He should know, he’d bedded most of them, yet he couldn’t erase the image of them.

Lady Penelope Blackemoor, hapless widow and courtesan to quite a few influential gentlemen; she was dangerous. All women were, but royal whores were the devil incarnate. He knew that. Yet, one bat of her long dark eyelashes, one shy smile, a few intelligent words, and he was in her bed. To make matters worse, she’d brought the other two: Grace Tesh and Isidora Quinn.

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The Three Thieves and The Dom - Book 3 of The Witches' Mischief Series

Conall Dougal, infamous rake, wakes up one morning to find his most precious possessions have been stolen by the women he loves. Devastated, he goes in their search determined to find them and extract the truth from them in any way possible.  

Penelope, Isidora and Grace are on the run. They’ve committed a crime and left behind the man they love. Presumably safe, they are stunned when he turns up ready to claim them back and discover the truth.

But, what is the truth? And will Conall’s special kind of coaxing make them speak?*

*Unedited blurb


  1. Congratulations on the acceptance. Love the snippet

  2. Best of luck with the new release. I like the concept :)

  3. You had me at madman on opium. Love it.

  4. These three sound delicious trouble! Can't wait for April :-)

  5. These three sound like real sassy babes. I wonder how he'll deal with them... Congratulations on getting the book accepted, looking forward to seeing it

  6. Oh great snippet! Must check this one out!

  7. Happy dance for you, my friend. Good snippet with implied sexual undertones.

  8. Congratulations on the publishing contract. I enjoyed today's excerpt, and I'll be watching for the book's release.

  9. Congratulations on the book! Enjoyed today's excerpt, sounds as if he's in for quite the evening!

  10. Wow fab snippet ;) congratulations too!!!

  11. Congrats on having your story accepted, Elyzabeth!!

    Great description of her beguiling powers. He'll never escape her charms. And maybe he really doesn't want to. ;-) Good 8!

  12. Love it!

    And congratulations!

  13. I've done a little jig for you! Nice snippet. Love how he knows she's bad news, but also can't deny himself the pleasure of her and her sisters...


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