Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Less Sex?

Today I am exhausted (thus the reason for no Wednesday Brief). My  brain isn't good for much, so I've been browsing through the news and various sites not thinking. However, I stumbled upon this article by The Guardian and it caught my attention.

Why is Generation Y having less sex?

Basically, what it says, in case you don't have time to click on the link and read it, is that technology is driving people apart. According to the article, people prefer to check their emails or compare Instagram photos than to have sex because it's "easier and more comfortable". The article also mentions the idea that we now "intellectualize bodily functions", something quite dangerous that drives us away from sex.

I think there is a definite interest in sex. In books, films, art, even music. Sex is ever present in the human mind, but are we only thinking about it and not doing it? The media says nay (ever seen a Pitbull video clip?) but this article could have some truth behind it. We could be thinking so much about sex that we could decide that it's not worth the trouble. Technology has driven people to be more narcissistic and self-conscious (selfies, belfies and what not) and therefore we can take care of our own needs. Who needs a partner? No?

What do you guys think?


  1. Wow, what a brain twist. Technology is more fun than sex.

    1. Thanks Victoria! It is a mind twist. Who would have thought that technology can be more fun than sex? Especially, since a lot of the time people are using technology to search for sex.


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