Thursday, October 31, 2013

On your marks, get set...NANOWRIMO!

It's here! It's started! November 1st is the date many authors have been waiting for (or is that dreading?). Nanowrimo has oficially kicked off and a lot of writers are leaving everything aside to reach that 50.000 word count- myself included.

I've been participating in Nanowrimo for the past five years. My first attempt was an untitled story for which I even wrote a synopsis and the beginning of a blurb:

What if your imagination became a reality?
Devinia is trapped between two races that will do anything to have her save their world.

For some reason, at that moment in time, I didn't find the story good enough and I never edited it or searched for a publishing house that could adopt it. *shrug* Maybe I will go back to it someday.

My second Nanowrimo participation was also a winner. This time, in more ways than one. Nanowrimo 2009 brought to life the story of Angelica and Alexander. You might have heard of this couple before because they are the lead characters of my first full length published novel A Decade of Longing.

2010 was the first year in which I did not Nanowrimo. Life got complicated and it was impossible for me to write a 50.000 word story in a month.

2011 I tried. I meant to write a medieval erotic romance, but the project never made it past the 5000 word mark. 

Last year, I wrote the story of a dragon- demon shifter... sound familiar? A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood was born from last year's Nanowrimo. After the month was up I expanded the story into a whopping 62000 something words, edited and sent it to Evernight Publishing.

And now, 2013 is upon us. This year I've actually done most of my research before launching into Nanowrimo. I also have a pretty clear outline of the way I want the story to go. Things will change, of course, but I'm hopping that at least, I'll be able to reach that elusive 50,000 word count and get William and Emily's story out there. *fingers crossed*

Good luck to everyone! 

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