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TnT Confidential: Doris O'Connor and The Housewife and the Film Star

I did it! *dances* I finally strapped Doris O'Connor to a chair and interviewed her. Read on and find out more about this prolific (and slippery) author and her latest release The Housewife and the Film Star. 

When International movie star Sven Larsson meets young widowed mum of three, Sylvia, the sexual chemistry between them is instant and explosive, and plastered all over the papers. Sven needs to repair his damaged reputation. The last thing he needs is another scandal, but the Dom in him can't resist the challenge Sylvia represents.
Having survived an abusive marriage, Sylvia is not looking for another relationship, let alone a kinky one with a man of Sven's reputation. Her submissive side can't help but be drawn to him, however, especially once she gets to know the man behind the public image. This private, broken, Sven she cannot help but fall in love with, even if he doesn't do love.
With the paparazzi breathing down their necks at every turn, and past demons raising their ugly heads, will they ever be able to find happiness?

Welcome Doris to In A Dream Beyond! You’ve visited several times before, but somehow you’ve managed to escape from my grasp and have not been submitted to an interview. Now, however, brace yourself. I’m sitting you down, tying you up and not letting you leave until you answer all my evil questions.  *grin*

Ooooh, you didn't say there was tying up involved! I would have done this sooner…
Seriously though, thanks so much for having me here again. :-)

This question is a must: When did you start writing and why? 

Well, that depends which way you look at it. I've been writing since I first learned how to. If you mean, seriously with a view to publication, then that would be September 2010. I decided to join a writing competition on a whim, wrote the first chapter in a day and send it off. Not surprisingly I didn't get anywhere in that competition, but I had to finish that story. Then came NaNoWriMo, and I was hooked. I've been writing ever since.
All these stories that I had bouncing around in my head, all decided they needed to be told.

You have several children, a husband, and I believe, some pets too (?), yet you manage to release a novel at least once a month. We demand to know your secret, er, I mean, how do you do it and where does all your inspiration stem from? *smile* Are you some kind of superwoman? Your secret is safe with us. 

Well, you see, I don my purple tights and cape and… 

In truth, I have no idea. All I do know is that once a character announces himself, and it's always the hero who comes knocking on my shoulder and whispers naughty things into my ear, I have to write. Resistance is utterly futile. I just give myself a massive headache and go even more vacant than usual, and I live up to my hair color enough as it is!

It's both a blessing and curse. A blessing because the words come very easily, even if it means that I forego sleep to get them down. A curse, because it can take over my life a little. Fortunately, both hubby and the kids are well used to me being away with the fairies, as it were. They've also learned it's best to let me get on with it, because I'm like a bear with a sore head when I want to write and can't for whatever reason.
I'm very blessed to have such a supportive and understanding family.

What’s your usual writing process like?

See above, lol. Typically something catches my muse's attention. It could be a newspaper clip, a song, a picture, an overheard conversation, a submission call, you get the idea. Unsuspecting little me will have a nice long soak in the bath, or go to sleep and BANG. There he is, making a nuisance of himself and demanding I tell his story—my latest hero.

I pound away at the keyboard furiously, loose sleep, snap at the kids, etc. until that first draft is done.  This is what I call the word vomit stage.

Then I go back and edit, before I send it to my super 'reditor' (thus called due to the red ink involved) Raven McAllan, who will pull me up on my repeat words, and my he, she, he, she starts of sentences, as well as my DDS's. This stands for Doris Deadly Sentences, lol. A term aptly invented  by Raven for my tendency to write looooooooooooong sentences, so she would run out of breath trying to read them.


I will get the ms back and giggle at her comments, and I might have the odd argument with her, which she invariably wins, lol. 

I fix what needs fixing and then sub it. Then and only then will those demanding characters stop harassing me.
I may or not may get some down time before another hero announces himself. The funny thing I always miss them when they're gone and some never go away completely. That's usually when I end up with a series. I'm a complete and utter panster, so I never know what will happen. It's always an adventure.

Do you ever have to do any research for your books? Have you had to research something for this latest release? If yes, tell us a bit about it. 

Yes, I do research all the time. I vividly recall looking up property in Malibu for this release and calculating times of flights, and distances. Timings of film festivals etc. It was fun. Needless to say Hubby is always happy to help with more hands on research too.


Please tell us, in 3 to 5 words, why are we going to love this new novel.  

It's hot, kinky, and emotional :-)

If you had to pick one line from this release, it’d be: 

"You won't be free of the bastard completely until you've replaced those fears with screams of pleasure. Let me be the man to do that for you, pet."

And finally, what’s next for you?

My next release is a hot little BDSM tale called Taboo. It's part of The Crimson Rope Anthology, with some fantabulous Evernight Authors. *looks pointedly at Elyzabeth* (Elyzabeth blushes)

I also have a bear Shifter story in another Anthology coming soon, and I have several open WIPs that I flit between.

At the moment I've ground to a halt on all of them, so am just enjoying some down time. Those characters will soon be driving me hard again, I'm sure. :-)

October Spookiness
A book recommendation for October
Erm, any of Evernight's fabulous Halloween themed stories.

Favorite scary film
Jeepers Creepers

It’s Halloween and you are… not taking any notice, because we’ll be away on holiday, lol.

*If you celebrate Halloween* What are you planning to dress up as this year? or If you could dress up as something on Halloween, it’d be… ?

We don't dress up for Halloween, but if I did I'd be Vamp, or maybe a Zombie.

Favorite thing about autumn
All the lovely colours and the conkers.

Share a scary anecdote with us

Hmm, nothing immediate springs to mind. I don't scare easily to be honest. As my eldest son said, "If zombies came to attack, mum would simply tell them to wash and stop making such a spectacle of themselves. And then she'd blow their heads off."


Author Bio:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.

She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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Now, read the delicious Excerpt. I know you want to...

"Like what you see?"
Sylvia wrenched her gaze upwards to meet his eyes. He was watching her reaction from under heavy lidded eyes filled with lust and a grim determination that frightened her a little.
"Sven, I don't think I could…"
Before she could even blink he was on the bed next to her, matching his long length to her much smaller frame. He grasped her wrists in one hand again and pinned her arms above her head. With a wicked smile he used just one finger of his free hand to slowly travel up the inside of her thigh. The slight pressure was torture, and by the time his thumb flicked her clit, she was a quivering mass of feminine excitement. How did he do that? Was it the unwavering focus with which he watched her reaction, or simply the way he once again had her pinned, unable to move?
"Trust me, baby, you can, and you will."
The kiss that followed seemed never-ending. In direct contrast to his earlier urgency, he took his time exploring the inside of her mouth with a breathtaking thoroughness that spoke of ownership. The more she tried to hurry him, the slower he went, pressing his heavy body on top of hers, until the whole word narrowed to just the feel of him. Every stroke, nip and suckle of his oh so talented tongue, stoked the slow burning fire in her core to fever pitch, and her hips bucked wildly, needing his touch.
He straddled her, effectively stopping her from moving and looked down on her.
"Take it easy, we have all night, my little firecracker. We'll do this my way, and unless you want me spanking that delicious ass of yours until it matches the color of your lips, you will not rush me."
Sylvia couldn't stop her sharp intake of breath, and Sven's gaze grew even more heated.
"Oh, I see, you like that idea, do you?"
"N-no … I don't."
"Liar." He whispered the word and lifted off her just enough to cup her swollen pussy. Sylvia swallowed her groan as he swiped his fingers through the wet evidence of her arousal, and then lifted his glistening fingers up for her to see.
He licked them clean and hummed his approval.
"Hmm, delicious. If you don't like the idea of my hand on your ass, then why are you this wet?"
Sylvia had no answer for that, so she just shook her head.
"I don’t know. I don't like violence."
She screwed her eyes shut and pushed the memories away. They had no place here, none at all, damn it.
"Neither do I, my sweet, but I think we need to do something to stop those thoughts swirling in your head. Look at me."
His voice had dropped an octave, the cadence of it so compelling that Sylvia had no choice but to comply.
"Bad memories?" he asked.
At her tiny nod he sighed and bent to kiss the tears off her face. She hadn't even been aware of shedding them.
"I can help you with that, if you trust me?"
He went so still towering above her, she couldn’t be sure he was even breathing, and when she nodded again his smile of approval made her worries float away.
"Good girl, now roll over."
He released her completely, and she felt suddenly bereft without his comforting presence. She awkwardly complied and jumped when he grabbed her ass and squeezed.
Instead of the hit she was expecting, however, he moved his hands up to her shoulders and kissed her neck. Tiny butterfly kisses followed down her exposed back until he reached the zipper of her dress. With agonizing slowness he peeled her out of her dress, murmuring encouragement when she helped him by lifting her arms and finally her hips, until she lay face down on the bed with just her bra still on.
Much to her surprise he left it in place and continued to run his hands up and down her back and over the curve of her ass. The strokes grew harder, leaving tingles of awareness in their wake, and the last of her anxiety fled.
Heat suffused her whole being, and she raised her butt into his hands, willing him to delve lower between her legs, where she practically ached for his touch.
He slapped her lightly on one ass cheek, and she froze.
"If this gets too much, just call red, and I stop, okay?"
She nodded, and a harder swat followed to her other butt cheek, which this time stung.
"I can't hear you."
"Yes, okay, errr, Sir?"
His laugh in answer confused her. He fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her head up to study her.
"Very nice, but that's not really a salutation I've earned yet, and this is just a little spanking. I don't think either of us is ready for anything else right now, are we?"
She blinked, and the red hot stab of disappointment coursing through her veins took her breath away.
"If we were to go down that route, we would have to discuss a lot of things first, my sweet. I'm not sure I want to do that. Let's not assume titles and just enjoy ourselves, shall we? Unless this is something you need to—"
"No, I don't. I mean, I'm perfectly happy with vanilla. I just thought that's what you wanted. I mean … I…"
Her voice trailed off when his expression darkened.
"I thought you don't read the papers, lady."
"I-I don't, but there's been rumors and, well, I do have some experience."
She mentally crossed her fingers at her fib. Sylvia had experience and then some, but he was right. She was so not ready to have that discussion now. It would dredge up a past she didn't need to remember, not now.
The tight set of his shoulders relaxed slightly, and she breathed a sigh of relief. She really didn't want to piss him off, and she was suddenly desperate to see if this would be as erotic as it had been—before Richard.
"So, you're familiar with the traffic lights then?" he finally asked with a small smile.
"Yes, Si… I mean, yes I am."                         
Heat rose in her cheeks under his quiet regard, and finally he nodded.
"So be it. I trust you to use it, not that I have any intention of being too hard on you, but I've fantasized about reddening that delicious ass of yours since I met you."
He laughed at her astonished snort in response.
"You have?" she asked, not really believing a word of it. He had to be kidding. "No need to humor me. In case you haven’t noticed I'm in your bed and a pretty safe bet by now, you know."
His expression darkened again, and her stomach dropped in delicious anticipation.
"For that inane comment you've just earned yourself some extra spanks. We'll have to work on that warped self-image of yours. You're a beautiful, desirable woman."


  1. Thanks, Elyzabeth... Now, do you think you could untie me please?

  2. Great interview! Loved the book! Can't wait for your upcoming releases especially the shifter stories.


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