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#WednesdayBrief: Light of Time 11

Happy Hump day, lovelies!

Welcome to what could be the final chapter of Light of Time. Why? Well, To be honest, I'm stuck on the story. I feel that I'm going around in circles with it and it's not leading anywhere. So maybe, just maybe, because I could very well have a stroke of brilliance next week and decide to continue it, I'm going to take an indefinite break on Light of Time.Regardless of this, I hope you enjoy the (final?) chapter.

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Light of Time 11

Bethany blushed and for the first time in what seemed like eons Hodgins felt the edge of his lips twitch in a smile.  The rise of his lips grew as Bethany’s blush faded and her face creased into an unbecoming scowl.

“Now, if you frown like that you don’t look anything like her.” He was teasing her? Where did that come 
from, he wondered absently. The muscles in his cheeks stretched as he grinned at Bethany’s incredulous face. 

“General Hodgins, have you been drinking?”

Laughter. Someone was laughing. Hoarse and brittle, it sounded like a horse was having a coughing fit, but it was laughter all right. His eyes widened as he realized it was him. The sound was coming from him.  How long had it been since he’d laughed openly at something? Tears sprung to his eyes and he covered his face in shame and amusement. 

.” He cleared his voice and paced toward the nearest window. “I apologize, Bethany. I don’t know what came over me.” He gazed out at the overly large blue moon outside. A shiver cursed through his body as he remembered a similar moon many years ago as the Zeppelin soared the sky. There was laughter and camaraderie and though they were going to war, there was no fear. Pain, death and misery didn’t cross anyone’s mind. 

“Dinner Is served, mistress Bethany.”

“We’ll be there shortly. Thank you, John.” 

He heard the rustle of her skirts as she came to stand at his side. “Are you all right, General?” Was that concern in her voice? He crossed his arms over his chest. The last person that had any concern for his wellbeing had been her grandfather. Why?

“Why?” the words slipped through his lips. 

“Excuse me?” 

He turned to look at her, his brows knitting together at her calm and friendly attitude toward him. “Moments ago you threatened to shoot me and now you’re worried about me?  Forgive me, lady Bethany, but you disconcert me.”

Bethany’s eyes scrunched up and her mouth opened as she laughed, the mirthful sound filling the room. Hodgins stared at her in shock. Perhaps, she was crazy? Abruptly, she stopped. Her large brown eyes gazed up at him filled with pain, knowledge, and emotions he could not even begin to decipher. 

“General Hodgins, someone killed my grandfather and now, I begin to suspect that my father before him. “ Her eyes shone brightly and she blinked. “I don’t know much about you but somehow we’ve been thrown together to search for answers.” Bethany paused, clearly measuring her next words. Her eyes riveted to the picture of her grandmother above the mantelpiece for an instant before returning to his face.  “If I have to put up with you to find them, then I will and I will do it in the best way possible,” she finally said.  

Hodgins scanned her face. He had the feeling she was biting off words but beyond that there was open honesty in her eyes. Something in his chest tightened for a second before releasing in a wave that left his palms clammy. He had been an idiot, taking her for granted. He was a man of the military; he planned and strategized, thought things through carefully. Yet, with Bethany it had all been a roller coaster ride from the start. He’d learned about B.J’s death and had been certain that something was amiss. The next natural step had been to get in touch with her and from that point on everything had gone awry. Now, here he was in B.J’s home for the first time wondering what should be his next step. He was out of sorts and for a moment, he had a glimpse of her own discomfort when he had taken her to his home. He had acted like a fool and it was time to step up and get things back in order. If he, they, wanted answers, they’d have to work together. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t be able to extract answers from Bethany the way he had had in mind. Things were going to change.

Swallowing hard, Hodgins braced himself to do something he hadn’t done in years.  Stretching his hand toward Bethany, he waited, hoping she would take it. When she did, relief swept through him and the words came out easier than he’d thought.

“My name is Lester Aiden Hodgins, pleased to meet you, Lady Del├ęger.

To be continued...Maybe. 

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  1. Aw, I'll miss these two. It's lovely to have a strong woman in charge and yes, Bethany was in charge even when Hodgins thought he was. I know whatever comes next will be good so I'll be patient

  2. To be continued - MAYBE!?!?!?!?!?


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