Saturday, August 15, 2020

Weekend Writing Warriors from Kneel (Lust, Love and Darkness) #BDSM #Romance

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today I'm going to continue with an excerpt from Kneel (Lust, Love and Darkness). I'm picking up a few lines ahead from where we left off last week. Why is Thomas going to the greenhouse? 





So why was he here? He sighed. Kendra Williams. The lengths he would go through to meet her still astounded him. He’d given up on it several times, but every time a new opportunity arose, he was there. This was no different. Staerling had sworn she’d be here, so Thomas had thrown on his clothes and come down. He’d considered bringing his camera, but then he’d remembered Staerling had a strict policy on photographs during his parties. Staerling hired professional photographers to take care of any lasting digital memories. Everyone else had to sign a waiver upon entering and if caught taking an unauthorized pic, they were kicked out and sued. His phone chimed. 

Go to the stage.  

He’s her number one fan.
Thomas Helton has been obsessed with model Kendra Williams for over a decade. Beautiful and sensual, Kendra shows a seemingly tough exterior, but Thomas craves to break through the facade to see what truly lies beneath, and he’ll do anything to achieve it.
She’s the woman everyone wants to see on her knees.
Kendra Williams kneels to no one. She teases, she flirts, and she assumes all other poses, but she never submits or drops her picture-perfect mask.
Until she meets Thomas Helton.
The fetish photographer, well known for displaying not only the eroticism of BDSM but also the emotional bond behind it, appeals to her in the same way the man who made her averse to kneeling did. Common sense warns her to stay away, but Kendra finds herself getting inexorably closer.
 Will she regret her decision, or will Thomas be the man to finally make her kneel?




  1. Staerling obviously planned this meeting. I wonder if both will be happy about it.

  2. He's fascination is evident but will the reality meet his expectations? I guess we'll find out when he does!

  3. He's certainly very determined! Enjoyed the snippet...

  4. Can't wait to see what happens when they meet!

  5. You made us feel that their meeting will be dynamite. Looking forward to it.

  6. Not having a camera must be hard for a photographer. I wonder who's texting/calling him?

  7. Great creation of tension before this meeting. I can't wait until to find out what happens at the stage.


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