Friday, August 14, 2020

Kneel (Lust, Love and Darkness) #newrelease #1click #DarkRomance


Kneel (Lust, Love and Darkness 3)

He’s her number one fan.
Thomas Helton has been obsessed with model Kendra Williams for over a decade. Beautiful and sensual, Kendra shows a seemingly tough exterior, but Thomas craves to break through the facade to see what truly lies beneath, and he’ll do anything to achieve it.
She’s the woman everyone wants to see on her knees.
Kendra Williams kneels to no one. She teases, she flirts, and she assumes all other poses, but she never submits or drops her picture-perfect mask.
Until she meets Thomas Helton.
The fetish photographer, well known for displaying not only the eroticism of BDSM but also the emotional bond behind it, appeals to her in the same way the man who made her averse to kneeling did. Common sense warns her to stay away, but Kendra finds herself getting inexorably closer.
 Will she regret her decision, or will Thomas be the man to finally make her kneel?


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