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Book Spotlight on Eden's Garden by D.F. Krieger #LesbianRomance #LGBTQ #BDSM

My transient lifestyle as a government contractor makes it hard to have permanent relationships, especially when I prefer to spice my life up with BDSM. When my life-long friend, Rhett, introduces me to the local group, they welcome me with open arms...and a handful of women looking for a partner. There's shy Wynn, sassy Maya, Cami the Kitten, and playful Denisha.

As our lives become intertwined, like roses in a garden, I'm left wondering if I can live without any of them. Each beautiful, unique woman fills my heart with their own special addition to our group rainbow. But my contract here is temporary, and I don't know if I can handle the heartbreak of them fading out of my life, like everyone always does after I move.

Eden’s Garden Excerpt

I eyed the dark-haired beauty with the angular features and pegged her instantly as a Brat while she continued to pop her chewing gum in rapid fire succession. She’d be a handful to tame, and the thought of it thrilled me. She blew bubbles and snapped them with far too much enthusiasm, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt she awaited rejection. To be the last pick of the team.
They all did.
The air of dejection that surrounded these women stirred a deep, unknown emotion in me. A fierce desire to protect them, to show them the acceptance they craved, rose up with a startling surge.
“I know this is a little odd,” Abe said as he slipped an arm around his wife’s waist. “But you’ve all come to me asking for help, and doing things different might be the solution.”
The girl with the gum blew another bubble and popped it. The sound ricocheted through the room like a gunshot, and a woman with soft blonde hair tipped in pink who sat at the end of the table with her gaze on the floor winced.
“Sorry, Wynny,” the gum girl said, and her tone implied a genuine apology.
“S’okay,” the blonde responded in a whisper.
Abe cleared his throat. “Why don’t we run through intros? Eden, would you mind getting us started?”
I smiled at him, and kept that smile as I swept my gaze across the four women in front of me. “Hello, ladies. I’m Eden. I’m down here from DC for a twelve-month work contract, and I’m hoping to find a play partner. I’m very flexible on what I like, and have been in the life for years. I am a Domme, but I promise I’m not an aggressive dominant. If you need references, there are several people in the group who know me from DC. Anything else, just ask.”
A heavy pause hung in the air, and I could feel them studying me. Weighing me to see my worth in their own heads. I gave them that time, sensing they needed it. Somehow, I held a sneaky suspicion these women were single for reasons beyond their kinks. Each one stood out as a bit of an oddity, which didn’t necessarily mean a bad thing.
“I’m Denisha.” The pink-haired girl I saw Boi coloring with earlier stuck out her hand, and I shook it without hesitation. Her warm, brown skin felt like silk against my palm. “I’ve only been around ‘bout a year. I’m a Little, and um…I guess that’s that.”
“Pleasure to meet you, Denisha.” I gave her an encouraging nod and shifted my attention to a quiet, auburn haired, petite woman next to her.
“Is it my turn?” she asked, glancing at me. “My name’s Cami. I… I like…” She stared at her lap as her cheeks turned an adorable shade of red. “I like to meow and stuff or be a maid. I work at a shelter, and I really want a Mistress who will pet me.”
Pet play as a cat? Adorable! “Hello, Cami. Nice to meet you.” I turned my attention to the dark-haired Brat.
Gum girl snorted at Cami and rolled her eyes. “Maya. Tease me, beat me, if you wanna teach me,” she sing-songed, and I recognized the underlying jingle from a kid’s show popular in my youth.
Oh, pretty girl. Do you even realize you are a Brat? “Hi, Maya. A pleasure.”
That left one more person to introduce herself. The timid blonde nearly hugged her knees. Her gaze never left the floor. If I’d labeled Cami as shy, this girl could be the epitome of agoraphobic. Maya gave her a gentle nudge and the girl started, as if the physical contact shocked her.
“I’m… I’m….”
“This is Wynny,” Maya supplied. From the way the blonde shot her a grateful look, I gathered Maya stepped in for her a lot. “She likes stuff like wax, feathers; that sort of thing. Isn’t that right?”
Wynny’s silent nod confirmed this.
They were all going to require the extent of my skills as a dominant in their own ways. The terrified blonde would need the most help learning to let go and enjoy herself, without a doubt. But all of them presented their own unique sets of challenges…and rewards.
“So, is this going to be like eenie meenie miney moe?” Maya asked.
I couldn’t let her get away with that snarkiness and establish dominance. If I did, it meant working double-time to earn her respect later. Easier to nip it before she managed a foothold to stand her cocky ass on.
“No, darling,” I said as I clasped my hands and rested them on the table. “This isn’t a school game where I pick the most popular or prettiest. If any of you want to give this a shot, we’ll set up dates and see how compatible we are in a one-on-one environment.”
“Any of us?” Denisha asked, her voice filled with surprise.
That got their attention. They stared at me with varying expressions of shock.
“You do realize we’re the group rejects, right? The unwanted fuck ups. Why do ya want saddled with us?” Maya demanded.
Elle shifted, her body language turning nervous, and I noticed Abe give her arm a soft, reassuring squeeze from the corner of my eye. He watched me carefully, and I knew this moment could make or break my reputation and acceptance in this group.
“You’re not fuck ups,” I said, keeping my voice neutral. “You are all beautiful women with a unique set of challenges that I’m excited to conquer with you. All that remains between us and that, is whether you’ll give me a chance to show you what you can achieve.”

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