Saturday, September 7, 2019

It’s always hard~ Weekend Writing Warriors on Killlian's Hope (Alpha Protectors) #fantasy #paranormal #romance

Happy Sunday, everyone!

The first week of September has been long and stressful. Thank goodness for weekends!

Today I'm continuing from where I left off last week. Killian has just kissed Prudence in a desperate attempt to make her understand his feelings. Even though they're mates, Prudence keeps them apart and this is how she reacts...



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“Killian, don’t you understand by doing this you’re just making it worse? It’ll be harder when we leave,” she whispered.
“It’s always hard,” he snapped. “Always, and if you can’t see it, Prudence, then maybe you’re right and spending most of our time apart is the best decision you ever made.” Killian turned his back on her and scrubbed his hand over his face. “I need some fresh air.”
Shaking his head, he strode back to the elevator and pressed the button for the terrace. They weren’t supposed to fly within city limits, but fuck that. He needed to uncloak his wings and get out of here before he went back to face Prudence.

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Killian's Hope (Alpha Protectors)

Picture Hope is a precious thing.

Hope is all Alpha Protector Killian has. Hope for more time with his mate. Hope for a better future in which they can be together freely. When they’re both assigned to the same undercover mission in Spain, Killian seizes the opportunity as a chance to spend more time with Prudence.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t share his point of view, but hope is the last thing he’ll lose.

It’s not greed if it’s for the greater good.

Prudence loves Killian above all else, but her mission in life is to serve the Virtues and keep the balance between good and evil. Being appointed leader of the Spell Casters in the dangerous mission to defeat the Sin Lords is her chance to prove to her superiors that she can be the next High Priestess.

The only problem is resisting Killian.

With years of pent up love and frustration tugging at them, will they be able to avoid succumbing to their forbidden mating? And what will happen when the evil which they were sent to destroy threatens to tear them apart forever?


  1. Killian seems to be easily frustrated.

  2. She doesn't seem like a giving person.

  3. Poor Killian seems to be at a personal breaking point here, probably a good decision to go fly! Great snippet, intense.

  4. What a great setup! So much passion and frustration. I love it when those things are at odds.

  5. Good thing Killian decided to fly...instead of flying off the handle. :)


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