Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Happy Sunday, lovelies!

I had a crazy scare with my laptop on Friday night. The damn thing wouldn't start and all because of Window's new "Anniversary pack". Ugh, I spent a full evening and part of the night solving the problem. Sigh.

Thanks for all your lovely comments from last week. In today's snippet I'm jumping ahead to the moment Kaila finally enters Sloth's lair.

Let's recap: Kaila is in front of Sloth's (a Sin lord) door because she needs to access into his lair to save her sister. She was about to go in when she was interrupted by Seamus, a Guardian. They've known each other for years and he calls her babe even though she hates it. Seamus doesn't want Kaila to enter the Sin's nest and is physically holding her down.

This  snippet has been edited to keep to guidelines.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Before he could reach out to stop her or talk her into being sensible, she stepped through the doors into the unknown.  

Kaila blinked repeatedly in an attempt to adjust her eyes to the impenetrable gloom. She swallowed drily as uncertainty crept over her. What had she gotten herself into? Cold sweat rolled down her back. Her breathing sounded loud and ragged in the deadly silence. She needed to move but her feet seemed cemented to the ground. The thought of returning to Seamus and asking for help crossed her mind and she glanced behind her. Her hands trembled. The doors were gone, replaced by darkness.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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***Looking for Beta Readers: I'm hoping to finish Kaila and Seamus' story toward the end of September, beginning of October and could use one or two more beta readers. If anyone is interested, let me know! Thank you! 


  1. Oh, that would be extremely creepy. I'd feel boxed in at that moment.

  2. I think she should have listened to Seamus after all. Sounds quite spooky.

  3. I love the fear you described, but I like her bravery for going forward!

  4. Beautifully written and scary. Lots of tension for the reader!

  5. Uh oh! But I loved the snippet and that when she turns the doors are GONE. Cool.

  6. Good job of showing us her fear. I especially like the trickle of cold sweat.

  7. Very descriptive. Not only could I feel her fright, I was scared, too.


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