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Character Interview #TNTConfidential on Cole Risso from Lynn Burke's Longing for Her

Happy day, readers! Today I’ve got quite a guest for you! Sexy and yummy and it’s a shame he’s taken, but I really want you to meet Cole Risso. Cole is the hero of Lynn Burke’s latest instalment of the Risso Family, Longing for Her. 

Longing for Her
A Risso Family Novella
Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 7, 2015

Straight-laced Cole Risso has longed for his sister’s bohemian best friend Gwen since he first laid eyes on her as a kid. Now, as future patriarch of the Risso Family, he’s expected to marry well. A free spirit and unconventional daughter of a pot-toking hippie hardly qualifies. 
When one night of giving into temptation ruins them both for any other, Cole and Gwen are faced with a decision - love the other enough to let them go, or defy family expectations and fight for their hearts’ desires.  No matter the decision, their choices have the power to destroy all they hold dear.

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Welcome Cole! How are you?
Beat. Gwen kept me up waaaay too late last night.

Cole, you’ve got everything a man could want in life: money, a loving family, a great car, a big house… why lose it all for Gwen?
I decided that life isn’t worth living without her beside me. Nothing – no earthy possession – makes me as happy and satisfied as she does.

Was she the best sex you’ve had? Why?
Shit, yeah. Even as a complete innocent, she knew what she wanted, how, and was naughty enough to make it happen.

Is your father really as awful as he seems to be? I mean, no offense, but you were pretty scared to talk to him about your feelings…
Deep down, I know Papa loves all his children. Just doesn’t seem like it sometimes. The man is driven. Can’t blame him for wanting to provide the best he can for his family.

Would you change anything about Gwen? How about yourself?
Hell, no. Gwen is perfect just the way she is. For myself, I wish I had the balls to stand up to Papa. Seems I grew a pair lately. Here’s to hoping they don’t shrivel up and fall off.

What is the best way to apologize to a girl? And to a girl like Gwen? *smile*
Beg and plead. Hell, get on your knees and do whatever she says. *wink*

Last but not least, in this blog I invite readers to dream, so tell us, what’s your dream:
Grow old and gray with Gwen, our children and grandchildren close enough to enjoy each other while we can.

June Quickie
-Naughtiest thing you’ve done
Allowed my little sister’s best friend to talk me into pulling into a dark alley so she could have her way with me in the front seat of my car.
-Something you’d like to try

-Boxers or briefs
Briefs beneath my suits for work, but other than that? Commando.

-coffee or tea
Coffee, as strong as I can get it.

- Your favorite wine
Anything Italian and red.

- Your favorite cologne
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

- Your favorite memory
The afternoon Gwen ripped off my shirt in response to my marriage proposal.

About Lynn Burke:

Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.
Her current work, the Risso Family Novellas, revolves around four siblings from Boston’s North End.


I rounded the couch, but halted as a body came into view.
Cole lounged against the far side, one hand behind his head, half-empty beer bottle in the other. “Hey.”
Our gazes collided, sending a shock wave of energy through my blood. My heel itched to spin, but his focus wandered down my body and back up again, lingering on my bare thighs.
Oh, the temptation to taste him one more time. Three years of simmering desire had my kettle ready to scream hallelujah. “Hey,” I whispered back. “I thought you’d left.”
His smile melted my bones. “Decided to stay a while and reminisce.”
My lips tugged up. “I was eyeing the back of the couch while stealing some whiskey and doing the same thing.” Kind of.
Care to join me?”
I considered the cushion closest to me and bit on the inside of my lip as temptation and love for the sexy man a few paces away warred in my brain. Knowing I owed Cole an apology, I decided to sit, curling my legs under me. “Sorry for being so harsh earlier. I…I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
Cole twisted sideways to place the bottle on the coffee table. “I shouldn’t have cornered you like that.” He started to sit up, but hesitated, a question in his eyes.
It’s all right. I won’t run.”
The leather squeaked as he swung his feet to the floor and leaned back, hands on his thighs. His blue tie hung loose, the top two buttons of his dress shirt unbuttoned. A hint of dark hair called out to my fingers. Averting my eyes, I focused on the tumbler clasped in both my hands.
I know I’ve said it hundreds of times, Gwen, but I’m sorry. Please say you forgive me.”
Another gulp of whiskey gave me courage to speak. “Forgiving in my mind means making things right—getting back to normal and moving on.” I lifted my head enough to focus on the knot of his tie. “I can’t do that with you, Cole.”
Why not?”
Because even though it’s expected you’ll marry an uptight, snobbish princess,” I sucked in air and allowed the words to spew, “I want you every second of the day.”
His chest stopped its rise and fall, and I glanced up at his face.
Longing like I’d never known reached out from his eyes and froze me in place. My breath caught. Nipples pebbled beneath my thin shirt.
Every muscle in my body quivered as he stood and walked toward me, unwavering gaze on my face.
What—” I licked my lips, hating how my voice wavered. “What are you doing?”
Give me the whiskey.”
My pulse thrummed with life, and I put the glass in his outstretched hand.
He set it on the coffee table without breaking eye contact and leaned down, placing his hands against the back of the couch on either side of me, making an effective cage. His face hovered mere inches from mine.
I breathed in as he exhaled, the subtle scent of peppermint flooding my mouth with saliva. His lower lip called out to my teeth; the shadow lining his jaw begged for my tongue.
Did you mean what you said about once being enough, Gwen? Because it’s not for me. I want to taste every inch of your skin. Bury myself inside you.”
My breath caught, and moisture flooded my panties making me squirm on the cushion.
I opened my mouth, having no idea what words would tumble out, but he swooped down, capturing my parted lips before I could speak.
Blessed Mary, mother of God.

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