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#8Sunday #SexySnippets #WeekendWritingWarriors: The Three Thieves & The Dom #threesome

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend. If you remember from last week, there was some hot action between the sheets going on and Conall was trying to get Grace to tell him the truth about their escape. Why have they fled? Where is Penelope? Will he able to convince Grace to admit everything?

Oh, as a side note, this will probably be the last snippet I'll post from these four. Starting next week, I'd like to introduce you to Simon... He's By day a bear, by night a man.

Thanks for reading!
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#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“She’s in another room,” she whispered.  Oblivious, Isi sucked her clit into her mouth, hard. Grace cried out. She ground her pussy against Isi’s face. She was so close, all she needed was Penelope’s mouth on her breast and she’d come. As if he knew what she was thinking, Conall smiled. Deftly, he tugged at her nipple. 
“Why did you leave?” Again, he mouthed the words, all the time keeping his rhythm with Isi. “I’ll get her back.”  
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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The Three Thieves & The Dom 

(The Witches' Mischief Series 3)

Picture Conall Dougal, infamous rake, wakes up one morning to find his most precious possessions have been stolen by the women he loves. Devastated, he goes in their search determined to find them and extract the truth from them in any way possible.

 Penelope, Isidora and Grace are on the run. They’ve committed a crime and left behind the man they love. Presumably safe, they are stunned when he turns up ready to claim them back and discover the truth.

But, what is the truth? And will Conall’s special kind of coaxing make them speak?

Available at: || Amazon. Uk
|| Evernight Publishing || All Romance Ebooks || Bookstrand


  1. Oh, torture I tell you. It's just torture.

  2. Tease! Why did they leave? Mind you, I'm sure he'll find out ;-)

  3. I shall be sad to see these characters go. I've enjoyed the introduction to them.

  4. Another sexy snippet. Great way to end this with the last sentence. ;)

  5. Hot, hot. And like oh WOW. SO tell already but no. It ends too soon. Thanks for the read.

  6. I need to turn up the air conditioning. It's hot in here. I'd put money on him getting her back. Please tell me I win. :)

  7. That scene got my mojo going (sorry, but I am a guy). Heart-pounding snippet. Sorry I didn't come to Madrid - there didn't seem to be any free time for me to do that, plus things got complicated with Felipe's coronation and all.

  8. HOT! He can really concentrate and maintain a train of thought no matter what's going on so I wouldn't bet against him LOL. Great 8! But bear by day, man by night sounds intriguing for our new snippets.....

  9. I have a feeling he always gets what he sets out to. Good descriptive writing, Elyzabeth. I'm looking forward to the bear/man story. :-) !

  10. How long can they hold out? I bet she would be confessing soon. Great sexy snippet. :)

  11. Thanks for reading, everyone! *group hug* I'm glad you all enjoyed the snippets and I hope the torture wasn't too bad ;-)


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