Thursday, July 5, 2012

T n' T's Confidential: Scarlett Knight

Welcome to A Dream Beyond's newest section: "T n' T's Confidential". Tuesday and Thursday's Confidential will be a space dedicated to visiting authors. Authors will be interviewed,  hold giveaways or guest post, among other surprises.

Inaugurating this section is the fabulous  author  Scarlett Knight. *applause*

Scarlett is the author of several sizzling hot erotic short stories such as Dirty Poetry, Art and Soul, The Good show gift, and her recently released The Emerald Room. Her stories have also been published in site such as Oysters and Chocolate or Every Night Erotica.

In her latest release, The Emerald Room, Scarlett touches upon an iffy subject: older men dating younger women. The book is a collection of four short stories in which as the blurb reads: "handsome older men connect with young beautiful women."

The first story, titled "The Emerald room" tells the tale of Nate and his lusting over a young seductress with a mysterious name: C.J.

"Conference Connection" revolves around Mia a young exotic beauty bored in a yearly work conference until she meets the object of her desire: handsome and experienced, Travis.

In "Taking Direction", Holly,  a rebellious young actress learns how to improve her acting skills in the arms of her relentless director, Xavier.

The steamy stories come to an end with "Without regret", in which a composed college professor succumbs to his lust with a faithful student.

Welcome back to In a Dream Beyond, Scarlett. 

What drove you to write about younger women and older men?

I've always had a thing for older men. From the time I was a kid, I had crushes on famous actors and singers who were older, some old enough to be my father (or in some cases, my grandfather!) I've heard it said that writers need to write what they feel most passionate about, and I definitely did so with this set of short stories.

What was your inspiration? Any real life similar experiences?

It was a little different for each of the four stories. The man in "Taking Direction" was inspired by Sean Connery. The professor in "Without Regret" was based on an actual college professor of mine. Nothing sexual ever happened in real life between this professor and me, although we did have a somewhat close and easygoing student/teacher relationship. I had a huge crush on him. You could say the story is a secret fantasy of mine that never actually got played out.

What would you rather write, short stories or novels? why?

I really enjoy writing short stories, but I would like to start writing longer stories, like novellas and novels. The shorts get right down to the sex, which is always fun, and they're quick to read. They're a nice challenge for me to tell a story in a limited amount of space. But novels allow you the chance of better character development, plot twists, and even more of an emotional connection with what's going on. I do love writing both shorter and longer tales, though.

Out of the set of stories that comprise the Emerald Room, which one is your favorite and why?

My favorite probably is "The Emerald Room" because it was the most fun to write. I wrote it from a male point of view, and it just felt particularly naughty to get inside Nate's head and feel what he feels as the seductress of the story takes him into the back of the club and...well, you'll see. ;)

Out of the four stories, which women would you like to be? and if you were one of the guys?

Out of the women, I'd like to be C.J. from "The Emerald Room." I think she's hot stuff. And if I were one of the guys, I'd probably be Nate from "The Emerald Room" because I've always wanted to be able to play the piano. I was never good at it when I took lessons. I guess I'm stuck with playing the computer keyboard instead.

Now, tell us honestly, would you ever succumb to the charm of an older man?

Oh, yes... I have before, and I probably will continue to do so. I know the current craze right now for women is to land a younger man and be a cougar, but I've been with guys who were younger, and I've been with men who were older than I am, and I just prefer older. While younger guys have their perks and are definitely a lot of fun and nice to look at, being with an older man, however...someone relaxed and confident with just the right amount of life truly is like tasting a fine wine that's been aged with the seasons. They know just how to touch a woman, just how to communicate, and they're usually a bit more mellow with their age, and have more perspective to know what's more important in life, like the relationship and the person in addition to the sex. Yes, I'd succumb to their charms. 

Thank you, for visiting us Scarlett!

Want to read some more? Here is a hot excerpt from "The Emerald Room":

The Emerald Room bar was one of the classier joints where Nate got paid to play these days. Every Friday for the past two months, he put on a jacket and bowtie and sat at their shiny baby grand, tickling the keys for his two-hour set. It was a hell of a lot better than some of the trashy spots he was forced to waste his talent in, places whose patrons were so noisy and crude, where his music drowned beneath the sound of shrill laughter and glass breaking.
But not this place.

Aside from the nice paycheck, and aside from the sleek marble-topped bar and tall cherry wood seats, and aside from the polite, well-dressed folks who not only listened to him but tipped as well, there was the goddess.

She always showed up when he was about thirty minutes into his set, usually around the time he was playing soundtrack tunes from movies like The Godfather. In she'd stride, wearing one of her killer dresses. Sometimes it was the little black one, her hair cascading like a golden wave down her bare back. Other times she wore the sparkling red number. Tonight she donned a silver gown with a slit all the way up to the top of her right leg, the lacy band of her stocking peeking out whenever she moved just right on the barstool.

God, did Nate have a thing for stockings.

Her black stilettos only made her heavenly legs even more mouthwatering, the way they caused the calf muscles to flex just right. In between songs he took a sip of his bourbon and loosened his tie. To imagine those legs wrapped around him…it was the fuel for many a fantasy after he went home, too chicken shit to talk to her.

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