Sunday, July 1, 2012

Long Awesome Weekend:Graduation + Gay Pride

Greetings and happy Sunday! (or is it Monday already?)

It has been a crazy weekend for me! On Friday, I finally graduated from University. Technically, I'm not a licensed journalist yet because I'm still missing two very important grades, but the ceremony took place nonetheless. It was long and hot, yet exciting all at the same time (and yes, I'm still talking about the ceremony xD).


That night we went partying, danced some, drank some and enjoyed some more! After sleeping four mere hours I rushed home for lunch. After eating, showering and changing I ran down to the city center to watch the Madrid Gay Pride Parade.

I had seen the Parade previously on 2 occasions and had vowed that I would never go again. This time, however, it was different.

The main difference (besides my companions), was that I was going to see it all from the safety of a balcony. No hectic tumult, no drunk citizens screaming, shouting, pushing and shoving, no infernal heat or lack of breathing space.

The Madrid Gay Pride Parade was great! I watched, ate, drank, threw water at the sweaty citizens below, laughed and talked... For the first time ever, I lived it as a celebration full of positive energy and cheer. All those people down below, women and men, gay, lesbian, heterosexual, transsexual, or transgender, were not only there for the party, they were there as a community, fighting for their liberties and rights, together.

 Head of the Parade
 Someone threw water at the people from an apartment with a hose
Hundreds of people making their way into the city center to enjoy the Parade

I had more pictures but I'm afraid my phone is being evil and not letting me transfer them into the computer.

After the Parade I briefly stopped by a birthday party and then headed home to sleep Sunday away. (Thus, my forgetting to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday *ugh*).

Hope everyone had a great day!

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  1. ¡¡Felicidades por la graduación!! eso si,tu manera de definirla me a matado xd.
    Me alegro de que esta vez hayas podido disfrutar el dia del orgullo, que aun recuerdo el calvario que pasaste la segunda vez en medio de la puerta de Alcala y merecias disfrutarlo con mas calma :s.
    Muchos besos y disfruta del verano, que te lo mereces ;).
    Pd: Espero salirte como Fénix en el comentario, que no se contestar desde el movil xd.

  2. LOL que consté que la forma de definir la graduación me salió sin querer xD

    Sí has salido como Fénix así que lo has hecho bien xD

    Besos y a disfrutar del verano! :**


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