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Happy Sunday and happy holidays! This might be my last post until September as tonight I'm taking a flight to the USA to visit family. I'll be gone the whole month, visiting family in New York, Miami and Anaheim. Wohoo! I've never been and I'm super excited. Any recommendations of things I should see and do?

I have a super long flight and layover ahead of  me (about 15 hours) so I'm hoping to do some writing and reading during that time. 

Holidays aside, let's move on to today's post.

Let's recap: Clare (aka Luna), has met a mysterious, yet hunky, alien who's come to take her back to his home. She believes he's Mikelo, the alien boy she'd met twenty years ago... but he's presented himself as Serrik. In shock, Clare doesn't know how to react. Serrik taunts her and asks her why she is not screaming. In the previous snippet he tells her that her destiny is tied with his people. Clare denies it and  he threatens her. Serrik will do whatever it takes to get Clare back to his world and to Mikelo. 
Serrik has let Clare know that if she doesn't adapt to his alien world she'll die (be killed). Clare runs and Serrik follows at a slow pace until he gets tired, hides behind a tree and re-captures her.  Finally, he drags her back to his own world, where we meet Mikelo, who is in turn, watching Clare sleep. Clare is having nightmares so Mikelo slightly touches her forehead and is taken aback by the flash of her dream he is able to glimpse...
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She remembered - she dreamed of that day - of him. Mikelo closed his hands into fists. He'd dreamed of her too. Dreams that left him shaken, concerned, weak. When he dreamed of Clare he felt things he should not feel. Not here, not in his kingdom. He was not human, he was Feardroka. He was a leader, a warrior, an example to his people. He was prince and Lord of the Feardroka.

Mikelo dug his fingernails into his palm and stared back at Clare. He remembered the first time he'd seen her as if itd been yesterday.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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