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Let's recap: Clare (aka Luna), has met a mysterious, yet hunky, alien who's come to take her back to his home. She believes he's Mikelo, the alien boy she'd met twenty years ago... but he's presented himself as Serrik. In shock, Clare doesn't know how to react. Serrik taunts her and asks her why she is not screaming. In the previous snippet he tells her that her destiny is tied with his people. Clare denies it and  he threatens her. Serrik will do whatever it takes to get Clare back to his world and to Mikelo.

Serrik has let Clare know that if she doesn't adapt to his alien world she'll die (be killed). Clare runs and Serrik follows at a slow pace until he gets tired, hides behind a tree and now...

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He should hate doing this, but instilling fear upon his enemy was his job and he enjoyed it. He would not have become a soldier if it had been differently. True, Clare was not really an enemy but if she wanted to survive she had to learn that she could not outrun him or anyone in his world.  He held his hand above her head, waiting, expecting her to sense him there and turn. She didnt move.

Her shrill scream was earth shattering as he pulled her to her feet by her hair. She fought against him like a wild animal. The shock that had kept her from reacting earlier was gone. She screamed, kicked and flailed her arms in a vain attempt to dislodge his grip on her. Serrik allowed her the privilege to believe that she was fighting against him, that there was a possibility she could escape.
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  1. Talk about toying with her. Great snippet, Elyzabeth.

  2. Toying with her adds to the cruelty he's laying on her. I do hope she finds a way to overpower him. Poor girl!

  3. I hope not everyone on the alien world he's taking her to is like him. I'm hoping she can withstand him until she finds Mikelo.

  4. Big trouble in this outer world. A sharp object in the belly might help. Violence is needed for her to escape.

  5. Interesting to see how he sees her as both a friend, a student, a toy, and enemy...a target all in one. Very nice portrayal of a soldier. I'm very impressed...I haven't read many pieces except actual memoirs of soldiers that portray this effect so honestly. Love it

  6. Oh my, I'm sure I say this every week, but eeek. She really is in trouble, isn't she?

  7. Love the way we learn at the end that he's just toying with her.

  8. Poor girl. She's really at a disadvantage with him.

  9. I get the feeling he thinks he's doing her a kindness by letting her believe she's got a chance of escape? Although it does seem a lot like toying with her, as others have said. I just want to like him! Enjoyed the excerpt!

  10. I'm with Veronica on this one. I really want to like him. I'm not sure if he's toying for sport, or if he's doing this to help her accept her fate?? Good snippet, Elyzabeth!


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