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#TNTConfidential Author Spotlight on Katherine Wyvern @KatherineWyvern and SpellBreakers #Giveaway #Fantasy #eroticromance

Morning/Afternoon guys and dolls! Today I have a wonderful author with an awesome fantasy erotic romance novel. Plus, she brings with her a giveaway! Woot! So please give Katherine Wyvern and Spellbreakers a warm welcome!


 A Journey through time, space and dreams.

You could honestly say that it all began in a stormy night…

No, seriously. It’s not romantic. It’s not even a trite quote. It’s a fact. 

There was a storm. Trees fell. The power was cut. A house burnt. The 200 years old French cellar where I store my things was flooded.

In the salvage operation that ensued, while shifting box after box of mildew-smelling bed-sheets, warped books and pathetic teddy bears, I came across a bunch of rather soppy (in every sense) manuscripts from another age of this world.

Ah, that’d be my youth.

 My first fantasy tales! When I was innocent!

“Her skin smelled of bread and earth”, I wrote, at the age of 16. How utterly delightful! And that was as far as my sensual innuendoes would go.

I sat in a damp cellar, among my dishevelled belongings, reading stories from a different me….

I was 15 when I wrote that “beginning”, a romantic fairy-tale with a simple premise. What if Sleeping Beauty was an enchanted hero, and only a princess’ kiss could wake him up?

This story that I started so many years ago was the core of a full length novel just recently released with Evernight.

What a long journey for me and my characters since that little beginning! The romantic, innocent fairy-tale assumed quite a darker and spicier tone, the hero became way hotter, the world enormously more complex. I could not make my mind up about the heroine, princess or commoner? Why not both? Why not two heroines? Hell, why not two heroes? I like complicated combinations!

When I wrote that innocent little beginning, I wanted something epic and grand, but I had no idea where to go with my tale. Ever since, I had my own adventure of a long, slow journey across Europe, and many of my own experiences and of the many of the wondrous places I have seen found their way into story, making it strangely entwined with my own life. 

And there is magic. 

And smut.

Come journey with us…

Escarra, a small kingdom that has lost its old magical power, is threatened by the brutal slaver empire of Hassia. Only the long lost hero Kjetil Alversen Hawkeneye can save Escarra now, but for a hundred years he has been sleeping an enchanted sleep in the ice palace of the Witch Queen of Dalarna.

When Princess Leal and her faithful friend Daria set out to find him and bring him back to Escarra, they embark on an epic journey across five kingdoms. They face elvers and goblins, giants, dragons and black unicorns, but when they both fall in love with Ljung, the mysterious, alluring hunter who shares the end of their trip, his love could save the quest or doom it. Will his prowess and wisdom help Leal, or will she lose her pure heart – and Daria’s love - to his irresistible appeal?

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