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Happy Sunday, darlings!

Apologies if you stopped by the blog earlier today and this was not set up yet. It's been hectic around here lately as I'm in the middle of a career change, juggling two jobs and PMs'ing. Not a pretty sight.

Anyhow, last week I shared the last snippet from Bear Heart (for the time being *grin*). Today, I'm actually going to share a snippet from a WIP I'm working on and which is momentarily titled A Tempest of Passion. 

The situation is the following: after a fall that left a nasty bruise on her head, Emily Bunsbury is sitting at home trying to read a book. Then, the doorbell rings.

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 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As the only Bunsbury currently in the household and almost an old maiden, it was up to her to receive whoever had come calling at such an inconvenient time. Her frown grew deeper as she imagined it likely for the visitor to be one of her cousins. Gossip traveled fast in Brookenshire and it was probable that they had heard about her fainting spell from the previous night.  Determined to be rid of her visitor as fast as possible, she pinched her cheeks until they hurt and compressed her nose until her eyes watered. Leaning a bit against the wall, so that she appeared even sicklier, she waited, breath held, for Gertrude’s knock to come. 

Just when she was turning to wonder if the red from her cheeks was fading, the elderly housekeeper rapped the door. 

“Come in,” Emily whispered in her best sick voice. 

The door opened wide and the maid entered, fumbling with the strings of her apron and blushing like a new bride.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. Oooh, if the elderly maid is blushing, I'm guessing the visitor is some hunk, right? ;-)

  2. Oh boy, who is she about to present? You've piqued my curiosity!

  3. What a tease! Loved it. I want to see who is following the maid.

  4. Well that's certainly intriguing! I'm on the edge of my chair, wanting to know who has arrived! Great excerpt...

  5. The lead up to the maid cracked up this reader. I'll tune in next week to see who came a knockin' at her door.

  6. Oh my, the last line has me really intrigued as to why the maid is blushing. Great snippet, Elyzabeth. :)

  7. Nice writing. Elyzabeth. Yours always is, though. You make it seem effortless. So fluid and so rife with description. And like everyone else, I w3onder why the maid is blushing. :-) Good 8!

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  9. Lovely snippet. Who's at the door :-)


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