Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday and #Sexy Snippets: Dreams of Fate

Hello lovelies and happy first September Sunday! Like I mentioned last week, I won't be offering any more Blue Horns snippet until the date of release comes nearer. Since I haven't started on anything new yet (but I've got two ideas brewing- one a regency and the other contemporary) today I'm showcasing the first few sentences from one of my favorite short stories: Dreams of Fate
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#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

Alisha fretted. She repeatedly wrapped the lace ribbon of her bodice around her index finger and tried not to tap her toes on the stone floor. It was worrying that any man would come see her at this late hour, but it was even more unnerving that her visitor was a lord of the forest of Mainyu. The forest was part of her kingdom; it marked the borders, but she knew, as her Elven ancestors had known, that her people would never rule over those who inhabited it. It was a free land. It was a doomed land. It was the land of the dead and of creatures beyond imagination. No one ventured there during the night.
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Picture There are more to dreams than meets the eye...

When Alisha, Queen of the elves, meets Lord Tarmo in the dead of the night, she recognizes him as the man who has plagued her dreams. Soon, she discovers that he too has been dreaming with her. The problem is that Tarmo is a vampire.

Afraid of the power Tarmo holds over her body, Alisha does not want to believe that their dreams are visions of destiny. But once they touch, neither can deny the passion that binds them for all time...

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  1. Oh I wonder why the Lord is visiting her?

    Great snippet!

  2. Intriguing. You have a knack to leave us wondering with your snippets :-)

    1. Thanks, Doris! I do like to leave you all wondering :p What can I say? I'm a tease :P

  3. Wow--your writing is excellent. It doesn't feel forced at all, and is wonderfully descriptive. This is so good: " It was a free land. It was a doomed land. It was the land of the dead and of creatures beyond imagination." Nice 8, Elyzabeth! :-)

  4. Intriguing. I'm with Teresa, loved the style and voice. Excellent excerpt!

  5. Excellent snippet! Congrats on the release! :)

  6. Sounds like something big is coming. Great snippet, Elyzabeth. :)

  7. This sets up a delicious amount of've got me wondering what comes next!

  8. A visit in the middle of the night... this can't be good.


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