Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#WednesdayBrief: Submission, My mission

 Happy Hump Day! I'm back! As with other things on my blog, this month I've been mainly absent from Wednesday Briefs, but I finished my current WIP two nights ago and now I'm ready to take on some more flash fiction. 

Last time I briefed, I was writing a Steampunk piece called Light of Time (you can read it here*). Initially, my plan is to continue this piece, but today, I just couldn't resist using the prompt  "use a flogger or a paddle" to write a  BDSM piece (it's a shame the word maximum is 1000). I hope you enjoy it! 

 * You'll find the chapters at the bottom of the page.

Submission, my mission  

She strutted into the place as if it belonged to her. Shoulders back, head held high and hips swaying in a hypnotic dance that almost went in rhythm to the music pounding in the speakers. Her hair was wild and untamed, a mass of red locks that cascaded down her back and incited thoughts of them scattered and disarrayed on his pillow while he thrust into her. She wore a skintight leather dress that hugged her generous curves and had more than one man turning his head to watch her pass.

Nathan was certain that she was a Domme until she tapped the man in the corner on the shoulder. As he turned around Nathan recognized him as Master Tyler. He couldn’t make out their words from this distance but he had no doubt that the Dom was chastising the redhead. Her gaze had dropped to the floor and her head hung low; from the outside a picture of submission. However, Nathan couldn’t shrug off the feeling that she wasn’t entirely unrepentant.  The couple moved away, the redhead’s lips set in a grim line as she followed Tyler. Nathan waited a few moments before curiosity drove him out of his chair and down the corridor. He finally spied the couple in a secluded spot that had as main accessory a spanking horse. He waited respectfully at the door, watching as Tyler adjusted the restraining straps around the woman’s ankles. She had removed her dress and his cock twitched at the sight of her rear end covered in little else but the tiny strap of her g-string. His mouth watered as he perused her figure. She had an ass made for spanking, flogging and paddling. Wide and full, he had no doubt it would turn a delightful pink under the correct instruments or the correct Dom. He cocked his head as he watched Tyler straighten up. 

Tyler had been coming to the club for at least two years, and though he still had things to learn Nathan had seen him with other subs that acted more the part. Something just wasn’t right between those two.
As if he’d sensed his gaze, Tyler approached him.

"She's yours?' Nathan asked casually.

Tyler nodded. “We've been scening for the past two weeks." He passed a hand across his hairless head and let out an exasperated sigh. "It doesn't seem to be working. I think she should be a Domme and not a sub but she insists on trying."

Nathan observed the redhead. She had her head turned, annoyance clear in her narrowed eyes as she tried to figure out what they were saying. "You guys knew each other from before."

"Yeah, we knew each other in College. We reconnected recently and I let her convince me to become her Dom. Not my best idea.”

Nathan cracked a grin. “You let her booty entice you.” Tyler chuckled but didn’t deny it. “You know what the problem is, right?”

Tyler frowned, his mirth vanishing in an instant. “No respect. It could be because she’s more suited for a Domme role or ‘cause she saw you do something embarrassing in College, but yeah, that about sums it up.” Nathan turned to fully face the other man. “May I?”

Tyler nodded vigorously. "Please, I'm happy to see you give it a try."

Nathan smiled. "Let's have a word with her, shall we?"
As they approached the redhead Nathan had to reprieve a smile. She looked about ready to bite Tyler’s head off.

"Rhonda, Master Nathan is going to be your Domme for tonight."

"What? Tyler no!"

“Rhonda." Tyler’s voice dropped an octave, his tone becoming threatening, yet Rhonda ignored it and continued to protest.

"Enough." Nathan interrupted, placing his hand on the back of the redhead’s neck. Thankfully, she shut up.

"Tyler is your Dom and he wants me to play with you tonight, unless you want to use your safe word and opt out I suggest you remain quiet."


"Silence or I'll gag you. What is your safe word?"


"Banana what?" He growled.

"Banana Sir."

"Good girl.  I don't know how you've been playing with Master Tyler but to me you will always refer to as Sir or Master. Understood?" He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked.

"Ouch! Yes Sir"

"Excellent sub.” Nathan slid his hand from her neck down her spine to the top of her bare bottom. “What was Master Tyler going to do to you?”

“He was—“ Rhonda gasped as he firmly grasped her ass cheeks and massaged them.


“Punish me for being late, Sir.” 

“I see.” Nathan continued to massage her cheeks, observing her reaction for any sign of discomfort. He glanced at Tyler who was standing back watching them. The younger man raised his hands as if surrendering. Nathan smirked. He slipped his fingers between Rhonda’s legs making her jump against the restraints.
"You’re so wet, little sub.”

“No, I—“

“Silence. I have the impression that you've been scening with master Tyler to play it safe. That ends right now. You’re under my hand tonight, Rhonda, and I’m going to make this pretty ass of yours as red as your hair.” He punctuated his words by delivering a series of quick spanks that had Rhonda struggling against the bindings. She was a fighter and he definitely liked that in his women. Just as she was getting into the feel of his hand, he moved away. She issued a small whimper of protest but remained silent while he searched in his bag. He returned to her side, softly running the flat end of the paddle against her ass cheeks. Rhonda tensed and tried to swivel around to face him. 

“Hold still, little sub.”  He angled her head back into position, running his fingers along her spine, making her shiver under his touch. “Good girl.” He’d barely started with her and already the woman who’d come through the door was changing. He watched her carefully. Yes, it was definitely going to be an exciting journey. Nathan swung back his arm. Swat.


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