Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday and #Sexy Snippets: Something new

Hello, my lovelies!
Forgive me for abandoning you for a few days but my grandmother, which I hadn't seen in over ten years, came to visit (will write a post on this in the future). I'm finally back and with some great news too: my short story, Blue Horns, has been accepted in the Hot Ink Press anthology, Sinspiretationally Yours. 

Thus, the following sentences belong to this new paranormal story. Enjoy! 

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences  

Humming her supermarket’s popular jingle, she grabbed her toothbrush and wet the tip before applying some green and white paste to the bristles and putting it into her mouth. She wasn’t overly fond of looking at her teeth. She wasn’t missing any and they weren’t crooked –years of braces had seen to that- but the darn fangs were there, a constant reminder of her less than human state. She’d tried filing them, but to no avail. Not only had the pain been unbearable, but the pearly whites had grown back within a few days. Eventually, she’d learned to live with the stares, the questions and the surprised exclamations when eyes landed on her mouth. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how it was looked upon, every human she’d met thought she’d had cosmetic dentistry to have vampire teeth. That of course, led to other assumptions that ranged from the mildly amusing to the non-to-pleasant. 

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  1. Congrats!! Great snippet!

    Oh I bet that was nice to spend time with your Grandmother after all this time!

  2. Great snippet, and congratulations on your new contract.

  3. *waves to fellow Antho author* Why did I not know you were in this too?

    Fab snippet!

    1. *waves back* I didn't know you were in it either! :D

  4. I loved the snippet, SO amusing about tooth brushing with fangs. FUN.

  5. ¡¡Felicidades por la publicación!! ya nos contarás que tal te ha ido con tu abuela ;).

  6. Congrats on the book contract. Lovely snippet.


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