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T n'T's Confidential: Raven McAllan!

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After an almost two week absence (where has time gone off too?) I've got quite a lovely bunch of authors visiting this month on T'n'T's Confidential. Today, author Raven McAllan is here, answering some questions about her latest release The Perfect Gift and Christmas!! Read on to find out more *Smile*

Judith has the perfect present for Stephen—herself. Will he accept, or decline her gift?

Lady Judith Gresham had been in love with Stephen, Viscount Pelham for years.

 Stephen eleven years her elder, treated her purely as one of his sisters friends; he was too old in years and deeds for such a young innocent. As his sister, was now happily married, there was no longer any reason to see her. Even to himself he wouldn't admit he missed her.
 So when his sister and her new husband decided to have a Christmas house party, and illness causes them to beg to use his home, he agreed. Even when he heard Judith was to be one of the guests he wasn't really worried, he would keep to himself, enjoy Maria Mallins, his long married mistress, and treat Judith with distant benevolence.

 However Judith and his sister had other ideas.


Welcome Raven, how long did it take you to complete this manuscript?             

 This one, The Perfect gift took me about a week, my characters knew exactly what they wanted to say and do. I listened and wrote it.  Usually, it can be from a couple of days to a month, I depends on the length, where I am and what I'm up to. You know wink distractions…

 You’ve written everything from historical romance, to contemporary to paranormals…how do you come up with ideas?       
I have no idea, they pop up at the strangest of times, and places.

What is it you like best about being an author?  Giggle I can make people who have annoyed me into the baddy!

Imagine you’re in a life or death situation, and you can only save one of your characters. Which one would you choose and why?   

Only one? Help…it would have to be Raig in The Price to Pay

What is an ordinary day for Raven?                  

 I don't think I have a normal day. If I'm awake first I take DH a cuppa, otherwise he brings me one. Usually I'm awake though, I'm a morning person. If we're on holiday I have been known to take a pillow into the bathroom, sit on it, and type in there so I don't disturb him in the wee small hours. Aren't I nice? Snort At home I procrastinate, go for a walk in the forest and talk through my latest plot with a friend. Come home procrastinate and then type like fury until I see the time. Panic, do a quick rearrangement of the dust, and pretend I've been very busy all day, when DH asks how was my day!

What are you currently working on?       

 A hot (sorry I seem not to be able to help myself) Regency for a series, a short regency novella and I'm in the plotting in my head stages for another series. I say plotting but I'm a total pantster!

Christmas is coming up!

How do you celebrate Christmas, if at all?          

Oh yes, the whole nine yards. Real tree, turkey, lots of presents. Oh and midnight service. Carols, you name it, I love Christmas.

Your favorite thing about the Holidays?  

The family gets together, and who knows how long that will last?

Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe? TMI blush

Your favorite Christmas Carol?

  All of them? Well I like Oh Little Town of Bethlehem and Oh come all Ye Faithful. Both sung very loudly.

The Perfect Gift is available from

Amazon, all romance ebooks and bookstrand

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  1. i really love that cover. It's one of my favs

  2. Thanks Doris and a big thank you to Elyzabeth for having me visit

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  4. You would save only Raig? Well, he is a cutie. :)

  5. Beautiful cover, Raven. Can't wait to read it! And loved the interview :)


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