Monday, September 1, 2008

Dancing for a fallen angel - Final Part

She did not answer his question. A new song began to blare through the disco and she pulled him to her. She let her body meet his: her breasts squashed against his chest, her arms wrapped around his neck, her intimate parts rubbing against the hardness in his leather pants. She heard a moan and released her grip on him. Alexis swayed to the music, her hips dancing round, her arms high in the air. She ignored the man behind her, although her body was aware of his every move, so she wasn’t surprised when he reached out for her and tugged her towards him. She let herself be caught in his arms. However, she did not cease dancing.

“Alexis,” he groaned into her ear.

She smiled sweetly at him and pressed herself closer. Standing on tip toe she let her snatch rub against his dick for a moment, as she pulled back long strands of hair from his face. She pressed forward. The tip of her tongue reached the lobe of his ear. She suppressed a giggle as his grip on her tightened anxiously. His hands roamed to her ass, which he cupped. Her tongue entered his ear. He groaned again.

“Since when have you been compiling information about me, Matt?” she whispered, raking her finger nails across his back.

“Since the first day I saw you dancing, Dark Princess. You know my name, do you know more?” he asked, with an effort. Alexis turned away from him and kept dancing. She was surprised at how much he knew. Few knew that Dark Princess was her internet journal nickname.

Alexis nodded. “For quite a while,” she admitted. She didn’t want to say more, yet. She turned to face him again.

“You’re information providers are not very good,” Matt said. A small ripple of pleasure shook her sweaty body as he jammed a leg between her thighs.

“Why?” she asked, trying to regain her composure.

“I’m..” She did not let him finish the sentence. Her small hands slithered down his chest, making their way to the fly of his trousers. She unzipped it slowly, never for a moment loosing the rhythm of the song playing. Delicately she placed a hand inside. His member throbbed in her hand, even as encased as it was inside the material of his boxers. She heard him swallow.

“I’m Fallen Angel.”

Alexis removed her hand hastily away and took a step back. Matt took in a shaky breath. He zipped up his pants and reached out for her.

“Alexis,” he began.

She shook her head, unbelieving. Fallen Angel was her internet friend. They had known each other for years, having met by accident in a forum. They were good friends, each knowing their life time history, but they had always failed to send a picture. They spoke across the internet and they had ventured as far as speaking on the phone. But, they didn’t want to know the appearance that the other one had. They didn’t want their friendship to be based on appearances, or to have those appearances change anything. However, now…why was he here?

“I don’t understand,” she said. Matt nodded.

“Come.” He offered her his hand, she refused. His gaze lowered, but he said nothing. He walked away from the dancing floor to the nearby sofas. She followed. They found an empty seat.

Alexis didn’t say anything, so Matt began to speak.

“One day I woke up and discovered that I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Everything I did, I’d relate to you somehow.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but my feelings for you just kept on growing. I was relieved when you disappeared from the net for a while, and when you wouldn’t answer my calls. Relieved and a bit desperate that you’d found the love you were always looking for, and that it wasn't me.”

“But, I don’t understand,” she repeated. “I saw you every night at the dance floor. Did you know it was me?”

“At first I didn’t, but God, you were so hot,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “You know I’m shy, but something just kept pushing me to find out who you where. So I went around asking people until I connected the dots and found out that you Alexis, the sexy angel that seemed to be dancing for me every weekend was also Dark Princess my best friend and the girl I was in love with.”

“When did you find out?” she asked hastily looking down at her hands. She felt as shy as she always did around everyone. The music no longer seemed to hide her, her heart was open for everyone to see.

“A few weeks ago, but I couldn’t get myself to approach you until tonight.”

“Do you know why I stopped surfing and wouldn’t answer your calls?” she blurted out. Matt shook his head, his tresses of long hair, falling over his face once more. She was glad, her burning cheeks probably glowed under the flashing disco lights.

“I wanted to put some distance between us. I felt that we were too close. I couldn’t do anything without thinking of you first, wondering if you’d like this or the other, on what you would say on a certain subject…so I turned to the stranger on the dance floor. I thought that if I was able to…well…that I could forget the feelings I had for you. I never imagined you were the same person.”

“I was only Fallen Angel for you, people around here know me as Darkness Reborn.”

“That explains a lot,” she replied. Alex looked up at Matt. She caught her breath.

“Will you save a Fallen Angel?” he asked softly, his eyes searching hers.

Alexis searched back and smiled. It didn’t matter how it happened, but they were no longer friends, something deeper and more profound had grown between them and she was glad. Her shyness slipped away. She was with Matt, her friend, her love.

“Willingly, I will take you into my castle, and tend to your wounds until you can fly once again,” she replied, recalling one of the first conversations they had had across the internet. He had asked her if she, being a princess had any powers to save him from his death. She had replied that though she lacked powers, she would try to care for his wounds. After that they had become friends.

“I don’t want to fly,” Matt whispered, taking her hand into his. “I want to be the angel in your arms.”

“I’m glad you don’t, you’d only break my heart if you did.”

Matt closed in on her. He took her chin in his hand. It was ridiculous after all they had shared in the dance floor, but Alex felt nervous. She gave him a shaky smile.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I don’t want you to go away again,” she whispered.

He kissed her tenderly, their lips melting into each other, their tongues playing a game of their own. Alex broke the kiss reluctantly, but she could no longer take it.

She stood up, and tugged at Matt to stand on his feet. She gave him a quick kiss.

“I have to take you into my castle and tend your wounds,” she said, reaching down to the bulge between his legs. Matt pulled her to him and kissed her fiercely.

“I’m at your feet, your highness.”

The End

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