Saturday, October 10, 2020

Weekend Writing Warrior from Entwined (Club Lobo) #paranormal #freeread

 Happy Sunday, everyone!

Absolutely crazy week at the day job. Thank goodness it’s a long weekend here and I’ve got Monday off. Today, I’m giving you a glimpse of Club Lobo and one of the main character’s of the second story.





“The room was exactly the same as the night before. Dim lighting, blasting music, laughter, and chitchatting all around. The difference was in the people themselves. Men and women alike were shirtless and barefoot, wearing anything from jeans to leather skirts or skimpy bottoms. There were only two animals in the room. A wolf that rested at a man’s feet and a tiger that sat in the corner of the room, watching everyone. Mallory swallowed.

For some reason, she wasn’t afraid. Curiosity stabbed at her instead. “Why isn’t everyone in animal form?”

“Most shifters are wild animals so they prefer to transform outside where they can run and enjoy nature. Here, well, the space is constricted. Andy there,” Mason said, pointing to the wolf, “has already played with his Dom, so he’s extremely relaxed.”

“And the tiger?”

Mallory Brown doesn't go home with strangers, and while she's all for a great spanking, she doesn't do BDSM relationships. Fantasizing is more her speed. And when she catches a glimpse of Master Murphy, fantasies fill her brain.

But Master Murphy has other plans. He enters her life full-steam and won't take no for an answer. While she's compelled to say yes, is she really ready to say goodbye to her world as she knows it to become permanently entwined with His?


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  1. Your description of the ballroom and the dancers if pretty wild -- a taste of things to come, I assume!


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