Sunday, February 9, 2020

We finally caught her ~ Weekend Writing Warriors from Not Today #BDSM #SundaySnippet #WeWriWa

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Apologies for being AWOL but my computer is still giving me problems so I'm not online as much as I'd like.

Today I'm sharing a snippet from Not Today my story in the Billion Dollar Love Anthology by Evernight Publishing which comes out on February 21st!
Also, if you have a moment and could spare a vote I'd be eternally grateful. I've been nominated as Author of the year in my Publisher''s Reader's Choice Awards and my book, Open (Lust, Love and Darkness) is nominated as book of the year. 


“Mr. Clay,” one of the guards said. “We finally caught her.”
The man who came to stand in front of them, dressed in a navy-blue suit which matched his eyes, was the poster man for someone comfortable in their skin, who was used to getting his way no matter what.
“Jeffrey,” she gasped. “Jeffrey Clay, as in owner of this property.” Amalia’s mind reeled, no wonder he’d been so upset when he’d found out they were coming here to parkour.
“Caught her by surprise we did,” the guard continued speaking as if she hadn’t said anything. His grip on her arms tightened, and she winced. Clay’s brow knotted. 
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Not Today by Elyzabeth M. VaLey


  1. This snippet is fascinating. Well done, my friend.

  2. They obviously know each other. Curious as to what he'll say next.

  3. Busted! Love the undercurrents here.

  4. Caught! Things are about to heat up, I think. Good writing, Elyzabeth.

  5. Author of the year? Impressive! I voted for you.

  6. Obviously a lot going on below the surface here but I definitely caught the tension from the snippet! Well done...

  7. Now why is Mr C annoyed - at her or at the guard's treatment of her. Interesting.

  8. I wondered the same thing as Daryl - very intriguing snippet!

  9. The plot thickens. lol (I had to say that.) They know each other. Sounds like neither is pleased.


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