Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"I don’t need courage, kitten.”— #midweektease from Alpha Protectors 3 #paranormal #romance

Happy Hump day, everyone!

Today I've been planned the post way beforehand (as in it's Saturday when I'm getting this ready, lol), so hopefully, everything should run smoothly. 

 It's another tease from Alpha Protectors 3. I've skipped way ahead into the story. Let me know what you think ;-)


She smiled. Her eyes took on a predatory gleam, reminding him of a feline out on the prowl, the shadowy brushes of her makeup magnifying the effect. Lust hit him in the gut. He would play the willing mouse – for a bit.
“I was informing you that you’d taken the last drink,” she said.
“You mean this one?” He tilted the glass he still held in his hand. It was a miracle he hadn’t dropped it.
“Exactly.” Eva wrapped her hand around the stem of the flute, over his fingers. “And then I asked if you’d share.” Deftly, she plucked it from his grasp.
Max chuckled. Brazen little thing.
“I took it for you, kitten,” he declared.
Without breaking visual contact, she sipped at the amber liquid. Max's cock stiffened.
“Minx,” he growled, bringing her closer and taking back the beverage. He drank deeply, finishing it off.
“Are you sure you weren’t just taking it because you needed some liquid courage?”
Her sultry laughter fueled his passion and he pressed into her, forcing her to tip her head back to look at him. She licked her lips, her hunger open and all consuming.
“I’ve had my eyes on you from the moment you walked in. I don’t need courage, kitten.”
“Then what were you waiting for?”  
“The right moment. You didn’t come alone,” he said.
“No,” she admitted.
“But you’re not wearing a wedding ring.” Max clenched his teeth, the unpleasant thought worming its way into him. “Is he your boyfriend?”
Eva grasped the lapels of his jacket, skimming the material. She tilted her pelvis, coming into contact with his raging hard on. Max bit back a gasp, but hers echoed loudly in his ears.
“No,” she rasped. “He’s a client.”


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