Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#WednesdayBriefs: Light of Time 6

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Today's Brief picks up from the last chapter in Light of Time. You'll have to forgive me for it is very brief. Something came up and work and I wasn't able to get down to writing until 2am last night. Please forgive it's short extension and if it doesn't make much sense. I promise to try and write something better next week. *smile*

If you'd like to read the previous chapters click HERE and scroll down to where it says "Light of Time"

 Light of Time 6


His head snapped up at the sound of Bethany’s voice. He didn’t turn around to face her, staring instead at the giant blue moon outside. He heard the rustle of her clothes as she took a seat in the armchair across from his. He watched her reflection in the window as she sunk into the chair. She hugged the ugly pink robe closer to her body, entirely unaware that the garment even closed to the neck as it was, molded to her curves in a revealing way.  Hodgins’ cock twitched as he took in her generous bosom and he recalled wrapping his hand around her tiny waist. Bethany crossed her hands over her lap and straightened her spine in a lady like posture probably ingrained in her from her childhood. What would it be like to see her relaxed? Hodgins bit back a groan as the image of Bethany on his bed came to mind. He had gone too long without a woman’s company. Abruptly, he veered to face her. 

He ran a hand through his hair, a hint of nerves quickening his pulse. It’d been so long since he’d entertained anyone.  “I apologize for the robe, but it is all I could find.”One of the maids left it behind when she left.”
Bethany gazed at him, her head tilted to the side as if she were dissecting an interesting creature. The tip of her tongue snaked between her lips to wet them and his cock jumped.  There could be none of that. Frowning, he stood, going back to the window to stare at the giant moon leaving a trail of shimmering light across the fields near his home. 

“Tell me about your suspicions, Bethany.”

There was silence. He could almost hear the wheels in her head running. She was still trying to discern whether he could be trusted, what he knew and how much he knew. Hodgins crossed his arms over his chest.

“Forgive me. Even after all these years of solitude I have a tendency to be demanding of others. You are no doubt wondering why I brought you here and how much I know. You are asking yourself if, under the present circumstances, I am trustworthy.”

Hodgins turned to look at her. 

“I am not. No one in this accursed planet Is worthy of someone’s blind trust. You give it to someone and you risk losing it. They give it to you and you risk giving them away and losing it. It’s a lose-lose situation. So, no, my lady Bethany I am not to be trusted but I am the only option you have if you wish to seek knowledge or justice on your grandfather’s murder.”

Hodgings paused. Bethany’s features had paled at the mention of her grandfather’s murder. 

“Yes, my lady Bethany. I believe your grandfather was murdered. I believe he found something that others did not want him to find. I also believe your father had been close to that same discovery years ago. Furthermore,” he took a step in her direction. “I believe you know exactly what it was they found out and you too are in grave danger.” 

To be continued...

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