Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I did it!

Yep, you are not at the wrong blog. What you see above, *is* a Dora the Explorer video. The question is, why on earth would I post it? *grin* I have two very good reasons:

1. It's a great, fun, catchy celebratory song

2. It goes with my grand accomplishment...

I got my Driver's License!

Yes, after months of hardship, stress, anxiety, crying spells, losing money and feeling like I could never accomplish the darn thing, I finally did it and passed my test. It was hard and it took me down a dark road (I don't know if you guys remember but I've been posting about this since January (How to drive in Spain) my latest post on the driving trial being Overcoming Obstacles) that I barely allowed you guys to glimpse into because I didn't want to bring you down, but. at last, I finally did it. 

Now, I hope never, ever to have to drive a manual stick shift again. I'm sticking with automatic! 

I have to wear this sign in my car (aka my mom's car) for the next year. :-)
PS: No Wednesday Brief today, but I promise to catch up next week. Meanwhile, you can get up to date on older installments of Light of Time or check the other Briefers: 
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  1. ¡¡Felicidades!! Sabía que tarde o temprano lo lograrías. Ahora a lucir la "L" con orgullo y a olvidarte del cambio de marchas manual y del pedal de embrague(eso sí, no te olvides del intermitente, como hacen la mayoría de los conductores XD).

    ¿Por donde te llevaron a hacer el examen? Lo digo porque hay algunos tramos de móstoles, y sus infinitas glorietas, que se las traen.

    Muchos besos y que te vaya todo bien ;)

    1. Gracias!! :D

      Sí adios embrague, medio embrague y cambio de marchas manual! Prometo no olvidar los intermitentes (o intentaré no olvidarlos xD).

      Puff, que me vas a contar! No sé ni cuántas clases dí por Mostoles y sus alrededores y había una zona que eran todo glorietas. Afortunadamente, en el examen no me toco esa zona pero si te digo la verdad ya ni sé por dónde me llevaron. Estaba tan nerviosa que me temblaban las piernas y ya no me acuerdo de la zona, sólo que, afortunadamente, no había muchas glorietas y estaba tranquila.

      Espero que estés bien. Besos! :)

  2. Congratulations! It takes determination to master a stick shift when you learned on automatic. I would panic every time someone pulled up behind me on a hill, because I knew that darn truck (I drove a pickup truck in Bolivia and the Andes have lots of terrible, terrible roads) would roll backward before I ever got it going forward. But just think of the freedom you now have. You can drive anything! :D Good work and have fun.

    1. Thank you, Tali!

      My mom spent more than a decade driving a stick shift and she had that same problem with hills. Just this morning we were reminiscing on how once she got stuck in a parking lot with a steep hill and someone had to come rescue her. LOL


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