Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Lost Mercenary: #SexySnippets and #8Sunday

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

I'm writing this at 2 am because even though I signed up for Weekend Writing Warriors and Sexy Snippets earlier today I put off prearing the post until now, when I suddenly realized that I was going to bed without setting it. *smile*

Anyhow, it's a new month and to change things a bit from the previous week's Spanish Diversion snippets, today's sentences are the first lines from The Lost Mercenary,  book 3 of my series "The Mercenary Tales".

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Sentences 

Kicking and flailing his arms, he frantically searched for the surface. His head shout out of the water
and he struggled to breathe, coughing and gasping for oxygen. A wave crashed against him, submerging him underwater once more. The pressure of the ocean combined with his clothes weighed him down. Desperately, he clawed at the water. His joints began to ache and protest, the wound at his side throbbed mercilessly, making him nauseous. The realization that time was running out hit him. Panicking, his movements became choppy and uncoordinated.

Picture All he ever wanted was a family and some land for farming. Instead, his dreams were ripped at the seams by a ruthless king. Choosing to become a mercenary, Gregorii has roamed the land clinging to a past he thought long gone—until Emmeline stumbled onto his path. Now, his dreams resurface and hope reemerges. The only problem is Emmeline’s defiance.

Emmeline has a secret. An important secret. A dangerous secret. Few know her mission. Fewer know her past. When Gregorii turns up in her life, past, present and future unite and her whole world threatens to crumble.

How long will she be able to hide the truth from him? How long will her heart resist the inevitable?

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  1. Oh my! Fab snippet. I need to find out what happens to him!

  2. Intense for sure! Terrific description, great snippet!

  3. Love the description and intensity.

  4. Very intense and intriguing. :)

  5. You're really captured the fear and panic of imminent drowning. I like the blurb! Great 8. :-)

  6. A great action scene there.

  7. I was holding my breath during the entire snippet. Great job.

  8. oh no, is he really going to drown?


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