Saturday, April 13, 2013

#SexySnippets and #8Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood

*Prances into the blogosphere* It's here, it's here! A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood released on Friday! 

I've started a promo tour and am visiting author Melanie Fletcher  today. If you want to know where else I'll be stopping by (and giving away a few gifts) you can check out the full list here. Also, tomorrow the Evernight Publishing Book BF Blog Hop starts! So be sure to come back for a visit, the grand prize is a Kindle Paperwhite.

Anyways, let's get to to the point: Sunday Snippets! My 7+8 sentences belong to A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood and takes place a little further ahead from what I showed you last week. It's the first real "contact" the characters have.


His voice was like caramel: soft, swirling, sensual, sticking to her brain and concocting delicious sexy images of pleasure she’d never experienced and only ever imagined. The corner of his mouth lifted and she blushed. He’d asked permission to pass and she’d just stood there like a dimwitted girl. Her hands shaking, she moved to the left and almost crashed against his solid chest.
“I’m sorry,” she murmured in English, too nervous to speak Spanish. Retreating to the right so he could pass, she again found herself staring at the solid planes of a chest fitted snugly into a tight black shirt. 

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And now #8Sunday Sentences for...

Her cheeks burned with embarrassment and nerves tingled in her stomach. God, why was she so clumsy? “Sorry,” she repeated, not caring if he spoke English, Spanish or French. She needed to get out of his presence before she became a puddle at his feet. She stepped to the left again and once more found a solid wall of flesh. Unable to stop herself, she glanced up into the green eyes again. Meadows, now they reminded her of meadows, wet from a spring shower. Her mortification increased as she realized that they were looking at her with unsuppressed mirth.

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He is a shadow in the dark, smelling your scent and sensing your fear...
Legendary bounty hunter Adrian Ormonde is no ordinary man. His life is filled with secrets and questions, blood and lust. His only concern for 150 years has been survival and discovering the truth behind his demon-dragon nature.
Until he meets his new assignment: Victoria Green.
Victoria Green has felt eyes watching her every move ever since she can remember. Then, Adrian appears. The eyes vanish but new dangers arise as she falls for the mysterious hunter. Cast into an ancient conflict between dragons and demons, Victoria must trust Adrian’s skill to be enough to protect her from both the outside world and that which grows within her.
Chance brought them together but will love and passion be enough to keep them joined? Or will the other forces at play in the dragon-demon worlds destroy them forever?
Be Warned: menage sex (MMF, MFM), anal sex, m/m sex, violence
Available at:



  1. Bless her, gotta love a heroine so confuzzled by the hero ;-)

  2. Yummy, loved the eyes like a meadow imagery, enjoying this story! Terrific snippet!

  3. Oh, man. Poor woman. She's a goner.

  4. Smitten by a stranger. I agree with Eleri -- a goner.

  5. He's doing that on purpose! Tricky guy, and great snippets, Elyzabeth. :D

  6. New follower here.
    Fabulous 8- though somehow I have this impression he's toying with her- don't really know why.
    Have a terrific Sunday!
    My 8

    1. Hi Summer! Welcome and thanks for following:-D
      He *is* toying with her. *grin* Adrian knows what he's doing. Hope you had a great Sunday!

  7. ooh caught between a man and her thoughts, tricky place to be;)

    1. Tricky and dangerous. Thanks for visiting!

  8. I love that comparison of his lips to caramel.

  9. I love "His voice was like caramel: soft, swirling, sensual, sticking to her brain and concocting delicious sexy images" and then eyes like a meadow. He definitely has the upper hand by far. Teasing her seems to have been planned.

    1. Oh yes, he has the upper hand (for now). *grin*


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