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Wednesday Brief: Your hump day dose of Flash Fiction

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The prompt I used was: Use the element of surprise.

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Little Luna (6)

“Clare.” Mikelo watched as surprise registered in Clare’s gaze. Her eyes widened, her breath visibly catching as he stepped into the shaft of moonlight filtering through the window. He paused and as if by command her frantic movements to escape, stopped.

“What, how—“

Mikelo waited as she collected her scrambled thoughts, her gaze darting around the room, searching in the shadows for his hiding place.

“How long have you been watching me?” Her voice wavered.

His gaze bore into hers and he watched amused as a fresh coat of pink tainted her cheeks. Evidence of her dream still clung to her, from the flush on her neck, to the rapid rise and fall of her chest, to the disarrayed locks. His gaze lowered, a slow smile spreading on his face as she hurried to press her thighs together and readjust her skirt.

“For quite some time, little Luna,” he finally replied, looking at her. “This is my bed chamber.”

“Oh.” Her gaze dropped to the floor, her hair tumbling over her face and hiding her features from him. He knew she was still coming to grips with the erotic dream. It was normal. The thought of comforting her appealed to him, but he kept himself at bay. She needed to accept the reality of things on her own terms, at her own pace. He frowned. Even, if that time was in truth very limited.

Abruptly, she lifted her head. Straightening her spine and squaring her shoulders, she met his gaze head on. He fought the impulse to laugh. There was the little fighter that had stumbled upon his world years ago.

“Where are we?”

“Raidrako, the land of the red sun, capital of the Feardrako kingdom.”

“Your home?”


“Why am I here?”

Mikelo sighed. Just when he had started hoping.

“I know the bond, the promise, but surely, there must be a way to break it? I don’t belong here.”

“It’s a little too soon to know that, don’t you think, Clare?”

Standing, Clare took a step toward him and opened her arms dramatically, her blue gaze intense in her defiant glare.

“Look at me, Mikelo. Look- at –me.”

He raised his eyebrows and she pressed her lips together in outrage. 

“Do I look like I belong here? Dressed in a pale pink suit dress and stockings, standing at the side of a four poster bed with furs, with furs!” she cried out, stomping her foot in frustration.

A part of Mikelo knew he shouldn’t move. He should just take her anger until it passed, but he couldn’t. The blood bond was stronger in his realm and he’d waited so long for her, so long. He yearned to take her into his arms and feel the warmth of her heat around his cock. He wanted to kiss her until her lips became red and swollen as the moon during a storm.

He took a step and immediately she dropped her arms, her eyes wide. Another step and her bravado failed her completely.

“Yes, you’re right Little Luna.” Another step and she was hitting the bed with the back of her knees.  “Your dress and stockings don’t belong here; a woman in my realm does not wear clothes like those. But you.” She fell into a sitting position with a surprised yelp. Mikelo towered over her. “You do.” 

Placing the palm of his hand on her shoulder, he pushed gently. She fell back against the feather mattress without a sound of protest. Leaning into her, he placed his arms next to her head, holding his weight and caging her.

“You belong here, Clare. You belong here with me, naked on this bed, writhing under me night after night as I take you to the highest heights of pleasure you have ever experienced.”

Mikelo leaned closer, his lips inches away from her parted mouth. 

“Your dream was nothing compared to the reality of what could be, little Luna.” Her gasp of surprise drowned in his mouth as he finally tasted paradise.

To be continued...

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  1. Mikelo has her just where he wants her, doesn't he? :) I love it when things heat up and I'm quite taken with what might be at stake in this world of the red sun.

    1. *Grin* Yes, he does (I love when things heat up too:p)

  2. Your dream was nothing.... that line is just a grabber.

    1. It is, isn't it? It's my favorite line from this flash.

  3. Sigh. that was beautiful. I wish i had a Mikelo.


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