Monday, October 15, 2012

Look at what made my Monday brighter...

Monday started out as any other dreary day. I overslept, walked the dog with a too thin coat, coughing my lungs out at every bump (damn cold!). My boss called me to ask if I could go to the office earlier and of course, with the economy how it is, I couldn't refuse. I threw some lunch together, didn't linger in the shower and managed to make it on time to the bus. Just when I was thinking it was going to be a looooong day, I got a message from Silver Publishing: "New Cover Files Uploaded for your upcoming release: Punishing Santa".


45 minute drive dragged on. The subway was way too slow, and I couldn't get to the office fast enough. Finally, I sat in front of my computer, checked over my shoulder that no one was watching what I was doing and downloaded the lovely cover for my upcoming Christmas story.

*Dreamy sigh* What do you guys think? I wouldn't mind having him in my bed...mmmmm... Oh, and as to what the story is about...well, I haven't gotten the okay to publish the blurb yet but I can tell you that someone's been naughty... *wink*

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